245 Money Making Stock Chart Setups: Profiting from Short Trading


The stock market has various opportunities during the cycles it moves through. At certain times the market is bullish and it gives you a great opportunity to trade to the upside. However the market is not always in a bullish trend. There are many instances where the market is in a bearish state and stocks move in a downward direction. These bearish periods can last from a few weeks to multiple years! If you only know how to trade the market to the upside then you will limit the trading opportunity you have. Learning how stocks move when they sell-off will allow you to improve your chart reading skills and give you the opportunity to trade a stock short. This book focuses on training your mind and visual senses so that you can learn to spot the little details and subtle signals as well as entry and exit opportunities when trading a stock short. By looking at hundreds of charts you will become able to notice a pattern and improve your visual senses. This book focuses on shorting. I have other books with other types of charts that will allow you to continue your education. The more charts that you look at the easier it gets!

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