Homestay Hotel Operations:How to open an automatic money-making Homestay Hotel : Homestay Hotel Manager’s knowledge and skills (New retail Management Book 2)


Homestay Hotel Operations:How to open an automatic money-making Homestay Hotel

Homestay Hotel Manager’s knowledge and skills

In the heart of anyone, there is a homestay.

You can dress it up, carefully craft each detail, and put the most beloved flowers in the living room. You hope that every guest can find a home in a foreign land and find a place where the mood is in full bloom.

This is a business and a feeling.

To ensure the opening rate and reduce the risk of the off-season season, you need to be a city hotel, some special properties with special resources.

If you have the right house in your hand, how to find a new designer, how to control the quality of the project; how to achieve multi-platform operation after leaving the house, to ensure timely response to customer consultation, and to attract customers to place orders, in addition, still need The first time to synchronize the room state, to ensure that the room is not heavy, to avoid rejection of the bad review.

Of course, how to maintain the normal use of various equipment in the housing to ensure the experience of staying; how to protect the safety and benefits of customers and landlords when encountering the best tenants. All of this requires a large and professional operator to work quietly behind the scenes.

How can I make a homestay to make money?

1. Your own vacant room

If you have a lot of houses, you can try to make a homestay, which will earn more than long-term rent, and the house is not destructive. It is just very labor-intensive and I have to be prepared for it.

2. Stay away from the Red Sea and open up a new world

For example, photography technology is very good, with a signboard – live and stay, free to help “private photos”, the scale is very large.

A little girl I know is just like this.

This kind of house is often full, and many people are taking photos to live.

For another example, I have seen a very beautiful hotel before, in a village next to the Great Wall.

The landlord is a yoga instructor. I found that the scenery is beautiful. I rented two sets of broken houses, all of them were demolished, and two large tents were built. The roof and the door are completely transparent. They lie in the house and can see the Great Wall and the sunrise. Sunset, the view is excellent.

Later, his homestay attracted numerous urban elites who wanted to be quiet.

This was originally an unknown village. No one ever went there, but because this homestay was on fire.

It is said that the rent cost of this home is about 1w US dollars per year, and the room price is about 400 dollars / day. Is it very profitable?

4. Interact with the tenant and make yourself an IP in the mind of the tenant

There is always a story between the homeowner and the house. It is best to become an IP.

A person with connotation, stories, and knowledge is very attractive. Similarly, a house with personality will make people forget to return.

Give a message to a friend who wants to be a bed and breakfast – to be able to withstand loneliness, to survive the winter, it is summer.

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