Money Making Ideas for Kids and Teens: Starting Your Own Business-A Guide for Teen Entrepreneurs (Kids and Money) (Volume 2)

Price: $6.99

It’s never too soon to encourage your kids to be innovative and self-sufficient. And once your child hits the teen years, there are plenty of opportunities to earn money by doing odd jobs, or even by establishing a small home-grown business.

This is a great opportunity for your teen to develop and strengthen his/ her individual skills and interests with a practical goal in mind. Is your teen interested in music or dancing? Is he/she clever with tools and hands-on tasks? Does he/she have an entrepreneurial spirit,or is he/she simply keen to earn money to reach a certain goal?

The best way for your teen to earn money is by pursuing his/her own interests, whether it is swimming, working with children, working outdoors or on the computer. It is easier to maintain enthusiasm and stay innovative when we are doing something that we love.

This book explores the basics of independent jobs for teens, so they can set up a business that is rewarding and enjoyable while paving a path into their chosen future.

The book discusses 18 job ideas as well as a guide to help teens, or kids, get started in their own business. Ideas discussed include:

  • Legal and safety considerations
  • Federal working laws
  • Writing a business plan
  • How to ask for money
  • Quotes and invoices
  • How to decide if a job is for you

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