The Yarnsworld Collection: A fantasy boxset


Includes the #1 Bestseller in Folklore, They Mostly Come Out At Night
Top 10 in Fantasy
Top 10 in Myths & Legends
Top 5 in Dark Fantasy Horror
Top 5 in Fairy Tales

Get the novels at 33% off with this collection!

Discover a world haunted by stories…

Prepare to discover the Yarnsworld, a land where folktales and fantasy meet. A place where the monsters from stories are real.

This collection contains the first three Yarnsworld novels:

In They Mostly Come Out At Night a young man called Lonan, living in the mysterious forest of the Magpie King, dreams of his ruler’s defeat at the hands of inhuman invaders, and must do what he can to protect his village.
“…probably one of the most innovative books I’ve read in years.” – Gaelguy, Amazon Customer

In Where the Waters Turn Black a musician befriends a colossal beast, and the pair must learn to trust each other if they are to survive when the god of war pursues them across the chain of tropical islands they call home.
“With this book Benedict Patrick has secured himself as one of my favourite authors.” – Alex, Goodreads Reviewer

Those Brave, Foolish Souls from the City of Swords follows Arturo, a newcomer to the city who hopes to join the ranks of the morally conflicted, masked swordfighters who rule the streets.
“An exquisite and detailed fantasy gem” – Fantasy Book Critic

Start reading today, and be instantly transported to the delightfully weird, unforgettable world that readers can’t get enough of…

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